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Original Series Tenor Drum

Built to deliver world class results for pipe band players of all levels, the original series tenor drum creates a rich tone which compliments the original bass drum and other sections of a modern pipe band. The drum’s design focuses on delivering exceptional sound and durability, ensuring reliability through long-term usage. We only use the highest quality materials during construction, to ensure that you get the best from your drum every time you play it.

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Constructed in a similar vein to our critically acclaimed Original Series Bass Drum. The Original Series Tenor Drums are remarkably light and strong due to the innovative materials utilised within the build process.
Designed to produce a sound that is in harmony with the drone section of the bagpipe through balancing the overall sound of the band. The Andante sound enhances the ensemble and provides a clarity and richness which is unrivaled in the modern band scene.
Stylish, practical, robust design.
There are 14 tension screws on each head. This tuning system makes it easier to achieve an even tension throughout the entire surface of the head. Damping is fitted and tuned as standard.
With an integrated hook system fitted as standard.
Adjustable to suit the comfort and needs of the drummer.
All dismantling, reassembling and adjustments require a 5mm T-key.
Rigorous quality control checks at each stage of production ensures the continuity of excellence and reliability.