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Tuning Accessories

The ultimate essential for any player is to be able to assemble, adjust and maintain their pride and joy.

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Is required for applying the tension to the flush fitting screws around the top and bottom rims. It is also used for all the adjustment to both the top and bottom snares. The 5mm T-key is designed with a robust adjuster and a rubber handle for ease of use and comfort.
This is a high precision torque tool, it is designed to our exacting specification to deliver the correct calibration when each screw on the top rim is tightened to give the ultimate playing tension. It is very easy to use and is exclusive to Andante. The torque limiter is the best tool to achieve the consistent tension required on the NG Reactor Snare Drum. The TG Bass Harness was designed to integrate with the Andante Bass Drum 3 point bass plate attachment. An eye hook or snap clips secure the Bass Drum while the rubber stoppers stabilize the drum for the players comfort.